The social media app designed to connect you to those around you.

Turn strangers into friends.

So what is this app?

College is all about making new connections and forging life-long friendships.

Have you ever come across someone in your class or at the Memorial Union whom you found intriguing, but you felt unsure about initiating a conversation with them? If the standard questions like "Where are you from?" or "What do you like to do?" don't seem fitting, allow Proxi5 to assist you in bypassing small talk and engaging with individuals who genuinely captivate your interest.


Geolocation Technology

The app analyzes your surroundings and gives you a list of users within a 500ft parameter. You can then look through the profiles and see who you wish to go up and talk to.

Proxi5 Stories

We understand the importance of real-life connections, which is why Proxi5 encourages users to take their relationships offline. Within a 10-day timeframe, post a picture with the person you've connected with on the platform. Emphasizing the value of genuine interactions, this feature ensures that connections made on Proxi5 translate into meaningful experiences at ASU.

Proxi5 Reels

Similar to popular social media platforms, Proxi5 also offers a captivating reels section. However, what sets it apart is the unique twist it brings: you can only share a reel with individuals you have connected with on the platform. This innovative feature encourages meaningful connections and fosters a deeper level of interaction, allowing you to create engaging content together and forge lasting bonds. By embracing this creative approach, Proxi5 empowers you to explore shared interests and passions, transcending the boundaries of traditional small talk and unlocking a world of authentic connections.

How the App Works



Once you click on a person's profile, it will tell you some of the hobbies and dislikes that the person has. The profile even has something to ask that person when you go up and say "hi" to them, eliminating the fear of not knowing what to say to a stranger.


Our Stories

Once you've added someone to the platform, you have an exclusive ten-day opportunity to meet up and create cherished memories. Capture the essence of your hangout with a photo and share it to solidify the connection. Proxi5 is all about authentic connections, and these ten days are your canvas to paint genuine relationships.



On the reels section of the app, you can showcase your ASU spirit by posting a reel but only with a person that you have added to the app. This allows you to foster and create a deeper friendship by doing something fun together!

Why did I create this?

Network is your net worth.

When I came to ASU, all I wanted to do was make friends. I wanted to approach a random stranger and just start talking about something but I didn't really know what common ground I would have with that person or what to talk about. I identified that many people had this same problem that I had. Even the most extroverted of people might be a bit nervous to walk up and say hi to a stranger. That's why I created Proxi5. To turn strangers into friends and create meaningful experiences together at ASU.

Anticipated Reviews

“Honestly, one of the best ideas I've heard. I'm excited to see how far it goes.”

Professor Myers

-ASU Professor

“I'm always down to meet new people and I feel like this social media app will genuinely help me connect with other people unlike other social media platforms.”

Danielle Monteiro

-ASU Student

“I'd consider myself as a shy person but I would like to make conversations with those around me which this platform could help me do. I'd be the first one to download this app.”

Daniel Wilson

-ASU Student

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